Tournament Fishing 2020


Tournament spots Available for 2020

Join our tournament team by booking a tournament with you plus 5 anglers or join a partially booked event. Pricing varies tournament to tournament see below.  

Open spots for 2020 Tournaments

OCMC Memorial Day Tournament May 23-24 - Booked

Fortuna Tournament June 26-28 Booked 

OCMC Canyon Kick Off  July 3-5 Fish 2/3, Book entire event at 4400.00 plus tip, plus entry. Or $750.00 per person, plus tip, plus entry.

Blue Marlin World Cup July 4 Fish 1 day, Heaviest Blue marlin wins. Up to 6 spots, 2750.00 plus tip, plus entry. 

Oc Tuna Tournament July 10-12 Booked.

Big Fish Classic July 24-26 38 Hour Overnight trip. 2 Booked. 

White Marlin Open Aug. 3-7 Booked

Mid Atlantic 500 Aug.17-21 Fish 3/5. 2 spots. $1800 per person (tip included) plus entry.

OCMC Labor Day Tournament Fish 2/3. Book entire event for $4400.00, plus tip, plus entry. Or $750 Per Person, Plus tip, Plus entry.  

Tournament FAQs

How do investments work? 

Our tournament program is simple. Each person pays "expenses" which are your trip cost plus tip. Monies over the "expenses" go towards tournament entries. The more you invest the more potential winnings you are entitled to. Reach out to Capt. Austin for more info. 443 - 392-4926 

What are the rules? 

Each tournament has its own set of rules, most of them adopt IGFA rules. Please go to this link to review you will be fully informed of all rules before we leave the dock. 

What days will we fish?

Tournaments follow a fish 1/2, 2/3 or 3/5 format. These dates are picked on many factors and will be chosen by captain. Please be available for every possible fishing day of a event.  

Who gets to reel in the fish?

Each person on our team knows their job and expectations before we leave the dock. Primary Angler, Secondary Angler and auxiliary anglers are appointed based on many factors such as experience and physical ability. Tournament fishing is very fun but we remain highly competitive while doing so.  Each member of the team is just as important as the primary angler. 

What should I bring?

Anglers should bring that they want to eat and drink for the trip we have a large cooler on the boat for you to use .Bring sunglasses, plenty of water, sunscreen (no spray), closed toed shoes, No hard liquor. 

What will we target?  Tactics?

Targets will depend on time of season and many other factors. That decision is made by Captain and crew.  

Who do I pay? 

Payments are made to "Primary Search LLC". All payments are due 14 days prior to event sign ups. 

Tournament Fishing since 2017

Always having fun, doing so with hyper attention to detail and execution.

 Want a chance at holding the big check? We have been fortunate enough to have steady tournament placement since we started in 2017.

2017- Oc Tuna Tournament $20,320.00

2017- Big Fish Classic $2,925.00

2018- Oc Tuna Tournament $5,850.00

2018-Big Fish Classic $9,090.00

2019-OC Marlin Club Mem. Day $7,047.00

2019- Fortuna Tournament $1,944.00

2019- Big Fish Classic $13,500.00

We are looking forward to 2020 Tournament Season. 


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The #gang members

The gang

What we do

Our mission  is simple, have fun, capitalize on bites, get tight,and have more fun. We target Tuna, Swordfish, Shark, and Marlin. We were fortunate enough to catch OCMD's 1st and 2nd Recreational Opahs. Our season begins in May and ends early December.  We tournament fish June-August, having fun and making lasting memories is our goal for each trip.


The #gang definition


A group of friends whose members collectively identify themselves by adopting an identity which they use to create an atmosphere of sending it. By employing:

A common name, slogan, identifying sign, and style of killing tunas whose purpose is is to party and offshore fish.


The Boat

Blackwell Boatworks 54ft Sportfish

Hull #3 

Located in Sunset Marina D Dock  

Gang In the News

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Fox News 1st Opah OCMD

Sportfishing Magazine

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Hooked on OC Interview

Blackwell #3- Primary Search

1992 54ft Sportfish

Single 3412c 1350hp Caterpillar 

Cruise 25kts

Top speed 33 kts

Top of the line tackle

The boat is outfitted for targeting, Tuna, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Swordfish, sharks and anything else the ocean has. Rods provided by craftyone customs, Tuna fishing gear by Sterling Tackle, terminal tackle and reels by Alltackle, high quality SST imaging by Rip Carts.  

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Huk Performance Fishing

Providing us with top of the line apparel to keep us cool in the summer, warm in the winter and looking good while doing it. 

Alltackle Fishing Supply

Alltackle has everything you need. Visit either store in Annapolis or Ocean City and online. 

Sterling Tackle

Sterling Tackle makes some of the most successful Spreader Bars on the market. The machine bird bars add a great dynamic to any spread.  

Crafty One Custom Rods

In our program we cannot afford a failure anywhere. This is why we use Crafty One Custom Rods. Ralph's attention to detail and master of the craft is apparent when you fish his rods.

Costa Del Mar

The absolute best Sunglasses on the Market. The polarized glass helps us find and land fish. Dont leave the dock without Costa glasses.  

Yeti Coolers

The finest cooler on the market. The only cooler you will find on the Primary Search. The toughest cooler built for the offshore enviroment. 


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Come see the #gang at 

sunset marina. 

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